Content generation

We are lucky to work with what we consider some of the best written content creators involved in our projects. Their talent is directly translated into organic engagement for the topics they write about. Keep reading for discovering more about how that can impact your business.

Engage your audience

Do you like what you are reading? That highly improves the chance that you will end up contacting us to work on your next big project. It works the same way for the potential clients that will eventually read about you or your business: if they find your content informative, interesting and valuable, chances are that they will keep reading and develop a genuine interest for your product or service.

Understanding your business

That's the first step for us to write content about your project. It's the most essential step to start producing high-quality content that generates engagement.

Translating the content

We are proficient in several languages, which allows us to reach a broader audience, but still making it relevant enough for people whose mother tongue isn't English.

Structure and proliferate

By making the content publicly available, we analyze how people access your website and get new ideas for content generation that make the users more likely to convert over time.

Experience in teaching

We have extensive experience in teaching and producing educational content: some of our sites are hosting thousands of articles that transform complex and abstract ideas into easy and practical ones.

Gizapedia: the Basque encyclopedia

Gizapedia is our biggest effort to produce content in Basque, our native language. The site has grown to become a reference in the language and covers a wide variety of topics while staying in the scope we defined: bringing a good-quality social science knowledge resource to the world. Gizapedia generates loads of organic quality traffic day after day.

Discover Gizapedia

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