Agile full-stack development

We are Hirusta, a group of people specialized in web development and data science, and we offer you the chance to launch your project on the net so you can take the most out of its advantages.

web development

We develop tailored web applications, always taking into account vanguard practices of programming to create a secure, scalable, fast and continuously integrated codebase.

app development

We create hybrid apps for the main portable devices on the market (Android and iOS). We use React Native to code ReactJS-based apps that compile down to native apps.

data analytics

We are experts in managing, interpreting and giving insights on data of all kinds, from a variety of sources and formats, so that you can better understand how your business works.

machine learning

We develop predictive models that allow you to get accurate approximations of unlabeled data and clustering, using vanguard programming techniques and libraries.

online marketing

We are specialized in launching, monitoring and automating online marketing campaigns. Our tools will help you take the most out of Facebook, Google and Linkedin Ads.

custom programming

If your business has the need of very specific programming, we can develop tailored solutions that adjust to your needs. We study your use case and do our best to make it easy for you.

our tools


We use Laravel for data-centered web applications which require a fast development pace and require complex business logic on the backend side of things.


We are experts in developing on Wordpress, a widely-used CMS which allows for fast development of static websites, which can also implement custom behaviors if needed.


This JavaScript library makes it easy to develop reactive interfaces that can be scaled and extended easily, making it a great choice as the basis for our projects' frontend basis.


We use React and React Native to create hybrid mobile applications that behave just like their native counterparts, but with a faster development pace and better mantainability.


We use Python for developing APIs, data wrangling and scraping, as we have experienced it brings us the fastest and most painless way to do it.


This set of tools gives us the ability to better understand your data and provide good performing predictive models that produce meaningful output.


We use R to analyze datasets and produce statistical insights that help you make better business decisions. Our priority is creating understandable visual output.


We believe the Linux operating system provides us with the best ecosystem for both producing and hosting our projects, both practically and philosophically.

our projects


Encyclopedia written in basque that seeks to promote knowledge in a language with succint presence on the net. Gizapedia is our vision of how a digital encyclopedia should be.

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A webapp that lets is users import ads from different platforms in order to have a global vision of how their marketing campaigns are working and how to optimize their investment.

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Biochemistry blog featuring a knowledge base and advanced bibliography capabilities. It also implements LaTeX interpretation on the client side and GraphQL API.

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Independent news page that discusses latest political, social and technological events. Harresia pursues to show a true critical viewpoint with no economical interest.

in development - coming soon

about us

We are a development studio whose main raison d'être is learning from the work we do and improving it constantly to find a solution fitted perfectly to your needs. Our philosophy is that the better we do our job, the bigger the impact it will make. We put our best effort on each project so that the final result is as good as possible.

Our team is based in Barcelona and Donostia-San Sebastián, but we have extensive experience on working remotely on our projects. Hirusta has been around since 2015 making all kinds of applications, and has recently been reinvented to offer data science for real-world problem solving.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can be a good fit for your next big idea!


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